What’s a bonus and its restrictions?

Bonuses are extra rewards paid out to you under certain conditions and wagering requirements.

A wagering requirement is the number of times you need to play through a bonus before you’re able to withdraw any winnings within a certain period.

Bonus funds may be added to your account straight away or after you fulfill the wagering requirements.

If a withdrawal restricted bonus is added to your account, you can start to play specific games with your bonus funds. Depending on the bonus Terms and Conditions, a restricted amount can include bonuses, deposit, and winnings in a single amount available only in specific games.

A release restricted bonus is released only once the wagering requirements have been met. At that point, you may use it at any game or decide to withdraw it. Also, the total bonus amount may be released in equal parts if the wagering requirements are also divided into parts.

If you can’t complete the wagering requirements before the offer’s end date, the restricted amount will be removed, and the funds won’t be released to you. You can check bonuses and promotions’ Terms and Conditions at any time in "My Promos" together with the wagering requirements to release the bonus.

Do you want to check some examples of bonuses to get an idea on how restrictions work?

  • A Slots withdrawal restricted bonus of € 10

    You receive a withdrawal restricted bonus of € 10 into your Slots section with restrictions on winnings. You can start to play with it immediately!

    Any winnings will be locked together with the bonus funds until you meet the wagering requirements.

    You need to play your bonus amount 40 times into specific games before being able to withdraw the restricted amount.

    If you won’t be able to complete it, the bonus and winnings amount will be claimed back at the expiration date.

  • A Poker release restricted bonus of € 20

    You receive a release restricted bonus of € 20 into your Poker section.

    To be credited with the bonus amount into your account, you’ll first need to meet the wagering requirement gathering 4 x 50 Poker points.

    You gather Poker points by playing on Poker tables.

    Once you've met the requirements, you’ll receive the amount of the bonus related to the completed parts into your account. If you can’t complete the wagering requirements before the end date, then the remaining parts will not be released to you.