Wagering Requirements

What is a wagering requirement?

When you receive a bonus from us at partypoker this may have a ‘wagering requirement’. 

The wagering requirement is an amount of funds that needs to be ‘played through’ or wagered using the bonus funds and/or any pending winnings won with that bonus. After completing wagering, any pending winnings can then be added to your cash balance. If you don't receive any winnings while using the bonus, there will be no wagering for you to complete. 

What does this mean? 

When you have a bonus that has wagering requirements, any winnings that you receive when using the bonus will be ‘restricted’ or ‘ring fenced’ until the wagering requirements are met. 

A wagering requirement will ‘restrict’ any winnings that you receive while using bonus funds. This means that if you win while using a bonus, before you can claim these winnings, you must ‘wager’ or bet a certain amount. Wagering is usually written as 10X, this means that you need to wager or bet 10 times the bonus amount only.

If you made a deposit to qualify for the bonus, this is not restricted, only the funds won when using the bonus will be restricted.

How do I complete a wagering requirement? 

To complete your wagering requirement, you will be spending both pending winnings and bonus funds. You will not need to make another deposit to meet these requirements.

When using the bonus funds, if you have a winning selection, this becomes a part of your ‘Restricted funds’. This is a combination of your remaining bonus funds, and any pending winnings.

If you visit the bonus page, you'll receive information such as when the bonus expires, the restricted amount (any remaining bonus funds plus any pending winnings), total wagering amount as well as the amount you have left to wager.

Can I still make a withdrawal?

Yes. You can still make a withdrawal, however, any bonus that you might have on your account, even if ‘Paused’ or ‘Pending’ could be forfeited. Both the bonus amount AND any pending winnings restricted by the bonus would be lost.