What happens if I get disconnected?

If you are disconnected from either a real-money ring or a cash game, any money you have at the table will be returned to your account. You can re-join the table you disconnected from by selecting the ‘Table ID’ within the lobby.

Alternatively, if you are playing a single-table tournament (STT), or a multi-table tournament, just log-out and back in to be reseated at the table you were already playing on.

PartyPoker Poker has gone to considerable lengths to ensure a poker environment where you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are protected, in the case of any connection issues to the game server.

However, if the connectivity issue arises from your side, any ‘All-In’ stakes will be lost (if this occurs after an exceeded time-limit caused by a disruption in your connection, this is irrelevant). PartyPoker is not liable for any losses that may occur in this context. All players are therefore personally responsible for the stability of their own internet network connections.

Should you require any further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team.